Built to protect your Discord server from DM spam and scams

Spam Defender features a set of highly sophisticated algorithms for detecting (and banning) spammers as they attempt to join your community

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Username and keyword blocking

There are /block username and /block keyword commands to protect your server from user bots, imposters, and bad actors. This feature catches users as they join and even detects keywords if users change their name after joining your server.

Symbol/unicode deciphering

Spam Defender has a library of hundreds of alternate fonts and symbols that bad actors might use to get around your list of blocked keywords. The bot will automatically detect and decipher any alternate fonts and unicode symbols to catch these scammers. For example, 𝕙Ëʟp d𝓮šK would be caught if you blocked the keyword help desk.

Raid protection

Spam Defender has a sophisticated anti-raid algorithm, optimized for NFT servers, that scans users as they join your server and keeps them out if they are confirmed to be spammers. This feature is similar to other bots like Beemo or Wick but it's specialized for NFT servers.

Defense logs

Whenever Spam Defender acts to protect your server, it will leave a message in your logging channel so that you always know the actions it takes. The developer also regularly monitors the bot's defense logs in the Spam Defender Support Server.


Hear from some of our Clients

Spam Defender has helped me ban/block nearly 10,000 bots from joining our server in just the past 10 days! This service has helped keep our server members safe as many of our members are first time Discord users. Our scam report channel has had zero bot complaints since installing Spam Defender.


Royal Community

Spam Defender has been working perfectly for us. It catches all raids and more importantly it offers a possibility to use keywords to block malicious members/bots. Bye bye "Clonex" and other scam bots!



Suspicious DMs, server invites, malicious links - we used to receive a lot of those every single day from accounts that looked perfectly normal. Spam Defender is a life saver, we've been using it for about a month and can't recommend it enough. Not a single complaint about bots or raiders for a while, makes it really worth it!


Mighty Minions NFT (Solana)

Spam Defender is a staple in any new or existing server. When you see it in action, you realise how scammy Discord bots can be. This bot will change your server's environment, making it safer for your users!


MetaFrog Business Club


Get started with Spam Defender

Setting up Spam Defender to protect your server is very easy. Use the button below to add Spam Defender to your server and then run the /setup command. The bot will walk you through the entire process!

For more info, check out Spam Defender's official documentation at https://docs.spamdefender.io.


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